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Tidus/Rikku fan video recommendations

Ah!! So if you've been anywhere near youtube lately, you'll have noticed that there has been an EXPLOSION of Tidus/Rikku videos in the past two months or so. And what with me trying to turn Syopa Cusatyo (the fanlisting) into an all-out shrine, I've been meaning to compile those at Crazy Sunshine (the new site) for all of our viewing pleasure.

But what with them popping up everywhere, I thought it might be an easy way to collect my thoughts by posting them here first, get any videos I might've missed that you like listed as well, and be able to share them with everyone at the same time!

Tidus/Rikku Music Videos Master List

Listed at the moment by author by date, because it's easier that way for me :p

by hyperblondetheif224
Be in Love
What I've Been Looking For ***The video that started it all!!! XDD***

by cherrybomb
See ya later, Tidus
Memories are nice...

by Winged89
You Found Me
Because I'm a Girl
A Rikku & Tidus Tribute

by GrangerGirl665
What I Like About You
Ocean Avenue
Sk8ter Boi

by Seistanu
Rikku Wants a Bad Boy

by lockheartatheart
Tikku, a love that was lost

by Sawnah

by ??? (reply if you know who made it! ^^)
Tikku - First Love

Oh, and for an added bonus... ^_^

Guadosalam: Rikku (all 3 choices)
Guadosalam: Rikku (full length)
Macalania: Rikku

I'm also planning on getting some activities started for us, like fic challenges, icon contests, discussions, things like that for everyone to participate in! ^_^ So if you have any suggestions, drop me a reply! ^_^

We should've made July Tidus/Rikku month, seeing as I always think of sunshine when I think of the two, but it's already a week into the month. Hmm, what do you guys think?

OH and for those of you who've been waiting anxiously like I have, runscottie has a new chapter of Al Bhed Blue that should be coming any day now!! XD ♥♥♥

AH SO EXCITING this fandom is finally getting some well overdue attention XD
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