Nevar (saharasnow) wrote in syopacusatyo,

[Fanfic] Remembering

Title: Remembering
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: My first attempt in writing Tidus/Rikku^^;;


Rikku had never been so unsure of what tomorrow would bring. Unable to sleep, she dragged herself out of the bed and strayed to the dock of the airship for some fresh night air. They would be facing Sin the next day, and not even Sir Auron was able to tell them if they would survive.

Somehow she was not surprised when she saw that another person was already there. She had spotted him spending time alone with himself or Auron for the past few weeks since they made the trip back to Bevelle. Observing Yuna, she thought it might be better not to ask exactly what had happened.

“Couldn't sleep?”

She was expecting maybe he would jump upon hearing her voice or something else, but he did not. Tidus turned his head back and looked at her, acknowledging her presence with a forced smile. She was not very comfortable with that kind of smile, especially when he was the one showing it.

“We're facing Sin tomorrow afterall. You know, all that stuffs.” He swayed his hands aimlessly, trying to find the appropriate words to describe his feelings but failed.

Of course.

They might die.

Rikku looked away from him and shifted her gaze onto the clouds floating beside the airship. It was so unlike her to be pessimistic but she did wondered if she would ever see the blue sky again the day after tomorrow.

Would she be able to see Pops and Brother again?

Would she be able to see Yuna again?

She shook her head, an attempt to shake off the thoughts that had been bothering her all these while. She looked straight into his eyes, she couldn't help but thought if she would ever see him again. Instinct was telling her something and it was always right.



“Will you remember me when I'm gone?”

Tidus's eyebrows furrowed, he hid his eyes away from her for a short while as he lowered his head and stared into the floor. She could see a curl of his lips as he looked back at her with an expression that made her heart ache. She had seen that expression before, and she didn't like it. Somehow she was feeling stubborn and determined tonight to get an answer out of him.

“Will you? Remember me... for a very long time?”

His head was even lower now, she could not see his expression, she could not even tell if he was smiling anymore. They stayed there for a while, and finally Rikku gave up waiting. She wished him a good night and walked back into the airship, leaving Tidus alone on the dock still looking at the floor.

Tidus sneaked a few glances at Rikku as she left, and then brought his attention back to the far distant horizon that he had been looking at before she came. Her question lingered in his head for a long time, and he clutched onto the fabric of his top lightly, repeating the question that she had asked silently in his head to the horizon.

“Will you remember me... for a long time to come?”
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