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Tikku videos now available!

I uploaded my Tidus/Rikku amv to YouTube, along with the two major special scenes with Rikku! ^_^ Check 'em out!

- Rikku and Tidus: "My Happy Ending" - Avril Lavigne

- Tidus/Rikku "date" in Guadosalam
- Tidus/Rikku bike ride to Macalania Temple

Also, here are two fanvids by hyperblondetheif224 (yes, she made another!! ^_^):
- Rikku and Tidus: "What I've Been Looking For" - High School Musical
- Rikku and Tidus 2: "Blush" - Plumb

Apologies for that stupid line along the bottom, I think my capture device picks it up, and I'm too lazy to try to get rid of it. ^^;; In any case, enjoy!

...Now, if only I could get my PS2 to read PS games again so I could capture the date with Yuffie... XD
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